My Time Now allows young people who are experiencing a variety of mental health issues to get together in a safe space to explore their feelings through talking and creative/therapeutic activities.


In their way young people will develop an understanding of the difficulties that have affected their lives by learning new healthier coping strategies, and know where to get further help.


School Statement - Ark William Parker:

June 2018

Dear Vikkie,


I just wanted to express our thanks to both you, S and FSN for providing My Time intervention to our referred SEN (Special Educational Needs) and at risk of SEMH (Social, Emotional Mental Health) vulnerability students.


This has been a tremendous reassurance to our students who were understandably concerned and confused about managing their feelings, negative behaviours and emotions. With your calm and approachable manner, this has assisted our students to develop a deeper understanding of what mental health is, how this reflects in their emotions and consequent behaviour and a greater comprehension of coping strategies to help them identify and manage their emotions. The sessions have made them feel at ease immediately with your wealth of SEMH knowledge and experience at running the youth sessions.


Your service has greatly reduced the risk of these students becoming more vulnerable and has enabled them to become great peer supporters. Some historic MTN (My Time Now) students have even approached me to inform of their peers they have concerns about. With this peer support, it empowers them to be responsible and mindful of themselves and their peers.


We are so grateful to FSN for your ongoing support which we value tremendously.


Kind regards,

SEN Administrator

Ark William Parker




Groups meet for an hour per week, for 10 weeks where young people explore their losses, develop coping mechanisms and build peer support networks with other young people who have experienced similar issues.

My Time Now aims to increase self awareness, raise self esteem and educate young people
on Mental Health issues, reducing the stigma surrounding depression,
self-harm, eating disorders, anxiety and other related issues.



Understanding loss helps with understanding the feelings that go alongside it.The groups encourage young people to talk to other young people of the same age who may be going through a similar experience, which reduces feelings of being alone and that no-one understands



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