The Project

Do you have an interest in cooking? Are you a budding chef of the future?
If you have answered yes, we can help!

The Project is a FREE after school programme for young people aged 11+ offering cooking activities, helping you to take the next steps towards your dream.

To join The Project, you must:

  • Be attending a secondary school within the Hastings or St Leonards area

  • Be committed to attending the 10 week course which will help you to build teamwork and cooking skills

Sessions will run from the St Nicholas Centre, 66 London Road, St Leonards on Sea, between
4-6pm once a week. The course will include a visit to a professional kitchen and the final session will allow you to show off your cooking skills to your family.
The project is funded through the Hastings Opportunity Area, Broadening Horizons fund and courses will run throughout the year. Contact JP, on 01424 423683 ext. 34 or e-mail for further details and to book a space.


I have been at FSN since 2010. When I first came I knew about it because the fellowship was founded on Christian principles 80 years ago. Volunteering has changed my life. It is not only the staff who are always there to help you when you are at your lowest and feel down, but it is also a place where you can come and meet people. Volunteering for FSN has changed my life.

- FSN Volunteer

"Volunteering at the Health and Wellbeing drop ins I have supported attendees with engaging into activities, not only at FSN but in the local community. It’s great to have access to all the activities and information not only for our service users but also for myself. I really enjoy supporting the community and being part of the hub team!
“I have come along and attended various courses at FSN but also attended the computer and Health and Wellbeing drop ins. Coming here as made me in such a better place, everyone is so supportive! I feel so much more confident, I have found myself again. I love it here!"

- Health and Wellbeing Hubs

"I started to volunteer with FSN in the Health and Wellbeing Hub in July 2018. In September I started a Level 3 course at FSN through another of their projects and I am also looking into doing a degree in psychology next year. Once I complete the degree I hope to start a new career path and help others and work towards removing the barriers to mental health. The course started me on this new path and changed my life!"

- Wellbeing Hubs volunteer

I do feel that safeguarding and wellbeing of the children is fully prioritised and staff go to great lengths to support families and children. The Nursery demonstrates empathy and works hard to ensure fairness for families/children here. Really stands out as 'safe space' for children.

- Health Visitor - St. Nick's Nursery

"I feel more open in front of other people now"
"I'm less stressed, more confident"
"I feel good about myself - I am amazing"
"I found people that have experienced the same, it's good to talk to them"
"I've learnt little things that I can do"
"It's helped me talk to people and to make friends"

- My Time Now young people's comments